A Bad Case of the Mondays

It seemed like yesterday, everything that could go wrong, did. Why is it that Mondays are so difficult to get through? Even if you had an AWESOME day, there’s something about a Monday that just reminds you that you will never have your best day ever- even if you win the lottery!

To start off my day, my car wouldn’t start, causing me to have to drive Tomy to work and then head to my office, which of course made me late. My day was filled with a pile of urgent matters, and my first angered phone call in this job. It was the perfect day for that to finally come. Someone kick me while I’m down, please.

The funny things is: at the end of the day, I’m still a child of God. Even though I have been verbally thrashed, loaded with work, and left with a car that wouldn’t start, the Creator of the Universe still couldn’t wait to spend time with me as I prayed to Him. He still gave me value even though others wouldn’t. To top it off, He still allowed me to have a wonderful evening with the one I love the most here on earth- my husband.

When you think about it, a bad case of the Mondays isn’t as bad as it seems. Even if everything is still stripped away, just the fact that I am a child of God and that I have the privilege to share His love with those that I meet is enough for me to be content. I may not always be happy, but I will always be filled with the joy that can only come from knowing that I am relentlessly loved by my Creator.

Bad case of the Mondays? Pish posh… You are a child of God.


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