Remember Remember the 5th of November:

Yesterday Tomy and I went to the house we’re buying for the inspection. While we were there my sister-in-law, Michelle, decided to come see the place as well! It was a fun time walking through the place and letting my imagination take flight once again.

It’s less than a month until we close- November 5th- and I am starting to have dreams about slumber parties, baking with friends, and playing with Zimri in the backyard! It’s crazy how impatient I can get when I know what I want and I make a final decision to go through with something. The Activator in me is in full swing… let’s do this!

Anyway, I know that several of you are wanting to see pictures of the place, so I’ve collected a few to give you all a sneak peek of the place. Obviously, it’s still their furniture and their decor, but when it’s ours, I have some pretty neat plans for it all! I CAN’T WAIT to show you all the before/ after pictures!

Sorry about the poor quality. I couldn’t find my nice camera, so I had to get by with my phone:

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