Early Morning

Well, it’s about to be 7AM here as I write this, but my morning has been going since I woke up at 4AM thinking there was a knock at our front door. How can I sleep through the shuttle landing’s sonic boom that shook our house, but lay wide awake from “thinking” I heard a knock at the door? If you can figure that one out, please tell me so that I can make sure it doesn’t happen again!

After fighting myself for 30 minutes, I got out of bed and went to the living room to try to MAKE myself sleepy again. After reading a few chapters in the Bible, catching up on Twitter, thinking of butterflies, and getting comfy on the couch, I finally gave up and turn on the light. Why does this thing always happen on Saturdays? I can sleep in as long as I want, yet something in me won’t let that happen- the phone will ring, I will get inspired the night before to go to garage sales, I will agree to volunteer for an early morning church event. Now, don’t get me wrong… not all of those are bad, but I wake up most weekdays wishing it was a Saturday so I could sleep until noon. Yet every Saturday that comes up, ends up doing more damage than repair on my body. Ugh.

I think my body is going through changes again. I used to be up at 6AM every morning as a kid. No matter what time I went to bed, I was up and at ’em! This was great for me because my dad was usually up and willing to treat me to a Daddy/ Daughter Breakfast Date. This pretty much lasted until I went to college. Weird schedules and not firm bed time because of assignments and random outings helped me to learn the art of sleeping anywhere and at any time. Once in a comfy bed and a Saturday morning ahead of me, I could sleep in like no one’s business. Only a little over a year out of college and I’m not skilled in that art. I wake up early on the weekends, and I’m at work by 8AM every morning. That’s a far cry from my first class of the day at 11:45AM last semester of my Sr. year.

So, I’m getting up earlier again. To make matters worse, Tomy can sleep in (grrr). On the rare occasion he’s up early with no obligations with a sports season, he’s not very big on eating breakfast… Who wants to eat pancakes and bacon alone? Not me!

The optimistic side of me is actually looking forward to having a productive day today. On top of all of the other things I’ve done so far, I’ve made a long list of things to do today. Most of them came from the worried thoughts that infiltrated my mind as I laid in bed trying to force myself back to sleep. So, I was expecting to be Sleeping Susan this weekend and wound up with Productive Polly. I’ll take it, I guess. The only opportunity is to let Grumpy Gretchen come, and I really don’t like that alternative.

Good morning, Florida! I’m ready to see what this day holds!

“Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.” -Ruth Ann Schabacker



Do Justice . Love Mercy.  Walk Humbly.

// mc