How To Give Your Life Away

blog-header-give-your-life-awayYou may have heard this scripture woven into a sermon about complete surrender to God. In the upside-down life that Jesus introduced to us during His ministry, we find that in order to have a full life in Him, we must first put our old life to death. We must believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus is our Lord. Our life is not our own. Indeed, we must give our life away.

I believe deep down, we all have great intentions in life. We might go to church, hear a message, write down the points that really hit home in our lives, and vow that this week will be different. But then something happens.

Our flesh gets in the way. It’s Saturday morning and you don’t feel like getting up at 6AM to help your neighbors move their couch. The woman in the grocery store was exceptionally short with you and you don’t quite feel like responding with patience and grace. You’re stuck on a problem at work, so instead of sticking with it, you start to let your work slip and let others solve it for you.

How do you give your life away?

• You set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than you normally do so you can start your day off reading God’s Word. You understand the importance of filling up first.

• You choose to limit your time on activities that take you away from opportunities to develop your relationship with others. You understand that community is an essential part of living a life for Christ.

• You choose to stick it out when you enter into a difficult problem at work and refuse to take the easy way out. You know your pain can sometimes be a blessing. That when you get in over your head, you allow God’s strength to show and you learn how to trust in Him more deeply.

• You consciously work on improving your reactions to that frustrating person. You know you’re not perfect and while your sin may rear it’s ugly head in a different way, you need the gift of grace just as much (if not more) than who is standing in front of you trying to push your buttons.

At the end of your life, you don’t lie in your deathbed and finally declare, “Today, I have surrendered my life to God.” It’s not a one-and-done moment. How do you give your life away? It’s hard. There’s pain. There’s imperfect progress. There’s grace. There’s persistence.

How do you give your life away?
One day at a time.
Will you start giving yours away today?