If there’s one thing in my life that I struggle with, its balance. I am one of those rare individuals that likes to get a lot accomplished because I get to knock out a long to-do list, but also loves getting lost in conversation with others or creativity sessions. I have a hard time feeling content while participating in either because I end up feeling deprived of the other.

Most days, my default option is to focus on the tasks that lie ahead of me. I get stuck on the “stuff” of life. It’s easy to see why– no one wants to be the irresponsible one. So, I do my work, clean the house, run the errands… all so I can check it off of my list. But what about the people I am around every day? Do I stop and smile at the woman I pass as I reach for the cereal that’s on sale this week, or do I even notice that there’s a human being next to me as I continue checking items off my list?

My desires are playing tug-of-war with my heart. Every day a different one will win. Does it have to be like this, or is there a key to living a balanced life of both doing and being? Will this only get worse when I have children?

Lord, reveal to me the areas of my life that need to be put back into balance. Remind me of my purpose and how my friendships, my job, my responsibilities, my finances, and marriage should fit together.