Cops at 4AM

Yesterday, Tomy and I had the privilege (HA!) of waking up at 4AM to the sound of cops barging in our apartment. Here’s the story as told by my non-abusive husband:

About 4:20 this morning, my wife Mendy and I slowly stirred to the sound of distant knocking. We were in the bedroom of our apartment with the door closed and two high-power fans running, so the knocking seemed especially far away. Because it sounded so far away, we both agreed that it was coming from a different apartment and ignored it. After about ten minutes of sporadic knocking, I finally got up to inspect and by the time I got to the peep-hole, there was no one outside. As I feared, our puppy Zimri who sleeps in the living room in his kennel thought it was time to get up and started whimpering (which is partially why I avoided going to inspect the knocking sooner).

After confirming that the knocking was coming from a different apartment, we both went back to bed and tried to get the most of the time we had left to sleep. A short five minutes later (Zimri whimpering most of those five minutes), we heard the knocking again. This time I immediately got up and checked the peep-hole again. Nothing. About 20-25 minutes went by and I was just almost asleep again when suddenly we heard our front door open which caused our bedroom door to slam shut due to the pressure change (it was only open an inch or so). Instantly I shot out of bed and ran to the living room hoping that I wasn’t about to have to fend off some would-be-attackers. I truthfully probably would have preferred the attackers.

I was met in the living room with two bright flashlights shining in my face and a booming voice telling me to sit on the couch and summoning Mendy from the bedroom. They immediately informed us that they were there on a domestic disturbance call and began to check Mendy’s face and neck for bruises. They went on to question us about the fight we had apparently had just a few minutes prior. Obviously we both denied it because the only fighting we had done within the hour was fighting to get back to sleep from the annoying knocking. They scolded us for not opening the door for them and encouraged Mendy to press charges against me. After we continued to insist that they must be mistaken, they informed us that the tenant below us who called in the domestic disturbance was a police officer himself and asked if we were implying that he was lying.

I kept trying to tell the officer that I wasn’t intending to call the man a liar, I was simply suggesting that he must be mistaken as to the source of the noises. Because the bedroom in our apartment doesn’t share a single wall with a neighbor, they insisted that there was no way he could have made a mistake. Eventually they called him up and he explained that the brutal beating he had heard was an outrage (with which I certainly agreed) and that he wouldn’t stand for it. To him it was a shame that Mendy wouldn’t press charges so that they could rescue her from this abusive situation. Once I realized that they weren’t going to believe us no matter what we said and once they realized that I wasn’t going to admit to beating my wife or Mendy to being beaten, they left and Mendy and I sat on our couch for about 20-25 minutes feeling confused, shaken, violated and generally upset; I took Zimri down to use the restroom. As I descended the steps I saw that the cops (including the one that lived below us) had reconvened outside on the ground level. To my horror, they were summoning me again.

I walked Zimri over to where they were just knowing that I was going to be arrested. After a few moments of puzzled staring, the man who lives below us apologized stating that he had apparently been confused. I’ll say! We live on the third floor in our apartment complex and apparently the unfortunate incident that  had taken place had occurred in the apartment directly below him rather than in ours. He and the other officers apologized profusely and explained that 80-90% of the domestic disturbance calls received by the police are denied by both the husband and wife. For some sad reason the abused wife will lie for her husband and cover for him so they thought that was what was going on.

It felt good to know that I wasn’t going to have to pass my downstairs neighbor every day in the parking lot and have him think I am a wife abuser. He promised he’d be back when he left our apartment, but hopefully now that it has been cleared up he’ll only visit for coffee and cupcakes!

I love my wife and I’d never do that to her! (Hopefully the rest of our neighbors read that statement and accept our apologies for the screaming police officers in our apartment this morning).